Enzen to lead the next stage of agile thinking for FPSA programme

Published: 13 December 2017

Energy Systems Catapult has appointed global energy and environment specialist, Enzen, to assist on Phase 3 of the Future Power System Architecture (FPSA) programme.

Enzen will work closely with the Catapult and key stakeholders to bring forward fresh-thinking for more agile governance in the power sector.

FPSA is an ambitious programme involving dozens of industry professionals, academics, policymakers and stakeholders to assess the challenges and opportunities presented by the need to identify and implement new functionality required in the electricity system by 2030. It is being delivered through a collaboration between the Energy Systems Catapult and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

In earlier phases, the programme explored the functions that the whole power system will need by 2030 to respond to the expected transformation in consumer needs, the way in which electricity supply and demand are balanced, and the potential electrification of much of the energy we currently deliver to the point of end use as oil and gas fuels.

The programme also identified significant barriers to implementing the required functionality under today’s sector governance arrangements, and proposed the concept of ‘Enabling Frameworks’ (EF) as an approach to overcoming these barriers. EFs are characterised by inclusiveness, transparency, iteration and agility and are whole system in scope.

The current phase of the programme – FPSA3 – seeks to develop further the concept of EF. It will engage relevant stakeholders in defining key aspects of the nature and operation of EF in more detail. Completion of this will enable later work to be undertaken that will test the feasibility of the approach through the application of one or more use cases.

Bob Hull, head of strategy consulting at Enzen Group, said: “The energy system is changing rapidly and the governance framework must adapt accordingly so customers can realise the benefits. Our extensive practical experience of ‘agile’ business transformation in the energy sector will help the Energy Systems Catapult identify these improvements.”

Eric Brown, head of innovation at the Energy Systems Catapult, added: “We are at a key stage in the FPSA programme as we look at how to address the challenges of transformation; Enabling Frameworks offers an approach which we believe can have a significant and positive impact.

“We are pleased to be working with Enzen; their experience in the sector, and their expertise in responding to complex change using agile techniques, brings new perspectives that are essential if we are to achieve needed outcomes.”