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Energy Systems Catapult has created a range of Service Platforms that are a route for innovators and other energy sector stakeholders to work with the Catapult and access our unique Capabilities and Assets.

Our Approach

Service Platforms can draw on Capabilities and Assets from across the Catapult to help innovators access our extensive set of insights and evidence, collaborate on projects, or test, integrate and scale new products, services and business models.

Platforms also work to convene and collaborate with stakeholders from across the energy sector – including government, regulators, academia, industry, SMEs and innovators.

In consultation with innovators and other stakeholders, Platforms can find the right combination of:


  • Expert and independent whole systems modelling, analysis, evidence and insights;
  • Tailored incubation and acceleration support for innovators to help address systemic barriers, de-risk innovation, help businesses scale and secure investment;
  • Test and demonstration of innovations in real-world conditions or under simulated future market conditions in collaboration with regulators and government;
  • Collaboration on CR&D and bid funding opportunities; connecting with industry partners, investors or test facilities; or convening with domestic and international stakeholders including governments and regulators.
Energy Launchpad
Helping innovators get to market and grow with tailored support to help address systemic barriers, de-risk innovation, help businesses scale and secure investment. The three-tiered support service, includes: Universal support available to all SMEs, Incubation support for selected SMEs, and Acceleration support to scale-up for high-impact potential SMEs.
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Living Lab
The Living Lab is a safe and affordable, real-world test environment for trialling new energy products, services and business models, with the aim of de-risking and scaling innovations for market. With around 500 digitally connected smart-homes, and growing, the Living Lab is truly open, interoperable and scalable – after undergoing significant upgrades over six-months in 2020 – including a new digital integration platform.
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Insights and Evidence
Delivering expert, independent insights and evidence, from a whole energy systems perspective, to government, regulators, academia and industry. Harnessing our world-class modelling capabilities, we help policymakers and innovators to better understand risks and opportunities of alternative transition pathways to a low carbon future energy system. From nuclear, marine and bioenergy, to transport, networks and carbon capture and storage, we have technology specialists with deep industry knowledge and experience.
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International Support
Connecting UK innovators to overseas markets, opportunities and expertise, while helping engage and inform foreign investors about the UK energy system. We are an independent, expert bridge between the government, industry and research in the UK, and international stakeholders and markets.
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Energy Revolution Integration Service
Playing a central coordinating role in the Government's Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Prospering from the Energy Revolution, to develop smarter local energy systems. Providing projects with integration guidance, innovation services and technical expertise through ‘Energy Revolution Integration Service’. In collaboration with our stakeholders, we are developing tools, methodologies and capabilities that can drive forward real-world implementation of concepts and demonstrators.
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Modern Energy Partners
Developing integrated energy solutions across the public sector estate (e.g. hospitals, military bases and prisons) to cut energy costs and carbon, while stimulating the UK supply chain in a potential £100bn global market. Growing UK expertise in integrated energy solutions that combine multiple technologies such as low carbon storage, electric vehicles and energy demand management, to benefit both the site and the wider energy system.
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Major Programmes
The Major Programmes team is a centre of excellence for delivering large, complex, innovative, multi-capability decarbonisation projects. The team recently completed the £30million, 5-year Smart Systems and Heat programme, the UK’s largest smart, consumer-focused project aimed at decarbonising heat and is currently managing the £16.5 million Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Expertise is also focused on opportunities to decarbonise business parks and schools, and on developing a blueprint for an energy academy to address energy sector skills and trade gaps for the rollout of low-carbon technologies.
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